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About Us

The goal is to remind travelers of the experiences and emotions experienced during visits to museums and our cities and continue to recall them even after departure.

The objects offered are configured as a communication and dissemination tool for the Italian artistic heritage. They not only complete the traveler experience but also reach those who have not yet visited our country. They preserve and transmit the memory and the message contained in the masterpieces of art they are inspired by.

  1. Enclopius Edizioni's business takes place in two different but connected areas. merchandising production for museum bookshops,
  2. management of direct sales to the public.


We have been engaged since 2004 in the museum merchandising sector with the design and marketing of t-shirts, shopping bags, mugs, stationery, books, canvases, statues, bronzes all inspired by the art and culture of our country.

Particular attention is paid to graphic and stylistic research. The product is enriched with in-depth information on the reference work, with the idea of also conferring a "didactic" character. For example, the t-shirt is sold in an attachment to a book containing the descriptive notes of the reference works of art.

We carry out our merchandising independently and then propose it to the museum bookshops with which we establish a partnership relationship. The main bookshops where our products are present are the Colosseum, Palazzo Massimo, Musei Capitolini, Villa Adriana, Vatican Museums, Leonardo's Last Supper, Doge's Palace in Venice . While abroad we collaborated with the British Museum, the Cleveland Museum of Art on the occasion of exhibitions dedicated to Pompeii.

Since 2012 Enclopius Edizioni has been the exclusive merchandising dealership of the Superintendence of Salerno and Caserta which includes important sites: Paestum, Amphitheater and Capua Museum.

From June 2015 the merchandising activity will start exclusively for the Pompeii and Herculaneum bookshops.


Since 2007 we manage the direct sales activity to the public, Museum-shop. The first was opened in 2007 at Capodichino airport, a stopover with six million passengers.

The second in 2011 at the Naples cruise terminal , the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

The third, the Nilo Museum-shop in the heart of the historic center of Naples , inside the famous Palazzo del Panormita, the pride of the Parthenopean Renaissance architecture. The rooms where the Nilo Museum is located are very suggestive, these are fifteenth-century rooms built on medieval and Roman wall structures. Already this alone would be worth the visit.

But in these spaces there is also an intense cultural dissemination activity with exhibitions, book and record presentations, concerts.

For Christmas 2013, an exhibition of miniature Nativity scenes was presented which met with enormous approval for the extraordinary nature of the works created by the author.

In May 2014 the exhibition V Miti da Pompei . A path made of reproductions of very high quality frescoes, a video narration of the meaning of the Myths in the daily life of the ancient Pompeians and a catalog. This exhibition has been loaned to the Italian Cultural Institute of Marseille and will go to other museums.

Last November the exhibition Luciano De Crescenzo - Photographer was inaugurated .

By reprinting photographs from the 1970s, he revealed the extraordinary qualities of photographer of the great writer / popularizer / director / actor. Again the exhibition was accompanied by a catalog. The great success of the exhibition made it necessary to extend the closing date.

In May 2015 a cycle of Ancient Music concerts took place which opened with a demonstration / conference on the music of ancient Pompeii and then continued with concerts of Baroque Neapolitan music. A new cycle of concerts is scheduled for the autumn 2015 period.