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“Fascinus” Phallus superstitious pompean symbol of fertility and luck. 3d printing

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Superstitious Pompean phallus, symbol of fertility and luck.

In the ancient and classical world and then in the Greco-Roman culture, the phallus was considered the origin of life, as it was considered the generator of the seed: this is why the legend tells that the ancient civilizations transformed it into divinity.
In Roman art, the phallus was often depicted in frescoes and mosaics, generally also placed at the entrance of villas and patrician residences. The erect penis was in fact considered an amulet against envy and the evil eye. Furthermore, the cult of the erect virile member in ancient Rome was very widespread among matrons of patrician extraction to propitiate their fecundity and ability to generate the continuity of the gens. For this reason, the phallus was also used as a necklace to be worn around the neck or arm. Also in Rome, the patrician virgins, before getting married, made a particular prayer to Priapus, so that he would make their wedding night pleasant.

3D printed with additive technique,

  • Material: polylactic acid PLA (natural and 100% renewable bioplastic)
  • Statuette size: 18 cm


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